Hey There,World!

Hey There, World! It's a hiatus....I guess... and I must say, I miss blogging. What's up with me...and  you all? Many things have changed... So many.... that what I wanted to do now... is to go back.... where I used to be :) will try... to bring back old good days... good laugh...with family and friends... a hearty one! tired feet...5 pairs for sure... but with happy souls! good sleep....with arms around me! I will see you again, World! and you will be hearing a lot from me again! grateful heart here.....∵⋮

two sides of a coin

Few days back, I was contemplating on how should I feel on some issues I myself is not aware....where all I care is to settle everyone's care.... and this is my random thoughts: There are always two sides to every story be a friend or a listening ear whatever we hear we must not take sides unless we have all the facts and YES! I do mean all the FACTS! and if in case we are already bound by uninformed opinion be the PEACEMAKER, I pray! but if we chose not...then never find peace within yourself. There are two sides to every coin as there are two sides to every story whichever side we take depends on the VALUES we share.

Peeking in just now....

Hi there! It's been a long while since I posted something on my site..... So where should we start? Too many days have passed......

just peeking

and I miss my site...... HELLO BLOG WORLD... will be here again :)

about being 40

I was excited to turn 40, originally, i planned to throw a disco party...but it turns the other way around....I spent this day in it's most humble way, woke up at 5:45 A.M. to fix the girls' breakfast and let them be ready for school as early as 7:00 A.M. attended to Raha's need - we played in bed, fed him and let him sleep again at 8:00 A.M. took a nap that turns to a deep sleep - Raha and I woke up around 10:30 11:00 A.M. prepared lunch watched Please be Careful with my heart 12:00 noon, started doing the laundry 4:00 P.M. visited my father in-law in the hospital 5:30 P.M. fetched the girls and bought some dinner In between these times, i utter prayers to Lord....thanking Him for the gift of life.

Happy Birthday Raha Lam-Ang Gabriel

Dearest Raha, It's been a year....and time is really flying so fast...I really do not know what to say...coz until now, I do not know how to thank God for the "blessing" He have given us. It was after 9 years that I have felt the same feeling when I first got hold of your Ate Tala and Ate Mayumi... .feeling you inside me (and you made it sure that I felt you though you were such so tiny then)  was just magical! hearing your cry was just so fantastic (as if it was a sweet melody)... ......feeling you wanting my breast was so lovely..... and it was that feeling that I was longing for 9 years! Your Tatay, Ate Tala, Ate Mayumi  and I didn't ask the Lord for someone......we prayed, I prayed.....thanking Him for another opportunity of bringing into this world a blessing from Him....whether you are a he or she, doesn't matter, I told Him. When my doctor told me  that you're a boy...I cried...because I knew then, that you

Happy Raha

3 more days and my Raha will be surely so happy!