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Palawan Photos

At last! i was able to explore PALAWAN.....i was so amazed with the beauty around has changed my travel plans....i prioritize local travels so i can explore more of pinas! Wow Philippines talaga!

sharing with you some of our photos.....

at star fish island, honday bay

pardon for my pic...i was really so afraid to hold the star fish....but i have to hold and enjoy it!

at the island where underground river is located

we are about to enter the underground amazing...galing talaga ni GOD!

Hubby and i plan to visit palawan by next year with kids of course. We would love to see them enjoy the beauty of PINAS!


i can't believe last post was dated february 23! huh! i was really so busy.....or just so lazy?
What is happening around?

first-i have a new job....oh yes! i am now working as an administrative officer in human resource department....that's why i am not able to blog....i am so hooked with my work!

second-i got my first taste of summer in PALAWAN! wow talaga! amazing underground river and beautiful honda bay

third-i promise to update my blog.......