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Recognition Day

Last Friday (March 25) was the HEDCEN's Recognition Day. Students were asked to wear their best elegant ethnic costume, an ordinary feature of a HEDCEN student...they wear this every Wednesday.
This year, we are doubly happy  because my 2 girls are both recognized.

Tala marching with her ethnic costume....

Mayumi's first time to march down with her ethnic attire

Mayumi, Recipient of Academic Excellence,  Special Academic Excellence and Holistic Award

It was indeed a very challenging year for this girl but the warrior spirit in her prevails....I am so happy  seeing TALA  sparkling and smiling as she walks her way to receive her Holistic Award.

It is Hubby's first to don a medal for Tala. (He was not around last year)

My dearest Tala, a 2nd time Holistic Awardee

Proud Lola, Mayumi receiving her Holistic Award
It was indeed a precious moment for us......It was indeed a good feeling that we would want to happily share with everyone....but more than that this is more of a wish and prayer …