Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I forgot to blog and post pictures about the SSEAYAP HOMESTAY PROGRAM in the Philippines. I promised to make a blog about it but due to the holiday season, rush and everything (everything talaga eh!) it is only now that i was able to attend to it.

ronald, rinah,van and me

Meet our foster daughters.....rinah (from brunei) and van (from vietnam)

This is our 2nd time as a host family and we are really delighted, proud and amazed to be part of this program. We look forward to hosting more py's!

For more pics, click here: day 1 , day 2, day 3.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was cleaning and arranging our cd rack when i get hold of our joey ayala's cd collections.....Hubby and I love this man. We love his music......the lyrics speak of what our lives are all about.

Here is Walang Hanggang Paalam, one of our all time fave songs of Joey A.

Walang Hanggang Paalam - Joey Ayala

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hayskul Sarbey

I was tagged by Cee and i am so excited to answer this....

Hayskul Sarbey

Message: THINK BACK TO 4Th year HS .... Let's see how much you remember and how much you regret.

What section were you?
= 2

Who was your adviser?
= Mrs. Remedios

How many were you in one class?
= around 35

Who was/were your seat mates?
= It depends on our teacher/subject....we were in alphabetical order or sometimes if you are "magulo" you will be seated next to the most behave in class....(hahaha!)

Still remember your English teacher?
= Mr. Rosario

What was your first class?
= English!

Who was your best friend?
= I belong to a group and we are still the best buddies up to now:)

Who did you like?
= hmmm....like as in crushes? i was not that attracted to opposite sex....no particular guy/s.

Made friends with the lower years?
= hmmm no....suplada ako eh!

Had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
= none

How was your class schedule?
= 7am to 3pm....i was always late in my first class, hahahaha!

Made any enemies?
= i dont remember any....hehehehe!

Who was your favorite teacher?
= Our Speech and Drama Class teacher, Ma'am Macalalay

What sports did you play?
= not into sports

Did you buy your lunch?
= No, i have baon.

Were you a party animal?
= No, i am not.

Were you well known in your school?
= I think so! hahahaha....

Skip school?
= Yes! yes....nag over the bakod kami just to get out of the campus

Did you get suspended/expelled?
= No, stern warning lang....

Can you sing the Alma Mater?
= Not anymore.

What was your favorite subject?
= English and Speech and Drama

What was your school's full name?
=Juan Sumulong Highschool

Did you go to the dances?
= Yes

If you could go back in time and do it all over, would you?
= You mean do the things i've done during my highschool days? Oh yes! my highschool life is one of the happiest part of my life.

What do you remember most about 4Th year?
= the friendship

Favorite memory in 4Th year?
= graduation

Worst memory in 4Th year?
= nothing

Where did you go most often for break?
= sa puno na tambayan namin

What did you do on the last day of school?
= busy doing the clearance sheet

How was your graduation?
= Great.

Got any honors or special awards?
= loyalty award? does it count? hahaha

Did you like 4Th year?
= Yes

What year did you graduate?
= uhhhh! so long ago! hahahaha

Who posted this before you did?
= Cee---Thanks sis! loved answering this

Tagging everyone!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy New Year!

This is my first post for 2009....I am so still very busy.

I hope by next week, i can update my site.