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empowering filipino early childhood educators

I came accross this site when i was browsing looking for a seminar......

All mommies out there......check this out

Hope to see you there!!!!


mayumi carefully arranged our slippers before she went to bed
For several nights now, mayumi, my bunso, has this ceremony - - before her bedtime, she would carefully arrange our slippers downstairs. Last night, as i was really curious, why she has to do it and why during her bedtime....i asked her and our conversation went like this:nanay: uhmmm, ading, what are you doing?mayumi: i am about to sleep nanay....nanay: so, what are you doing with the slippers?mayumi: i am fixing them nanay, so when you and tatay wake up and i am still asleep....your slippers are ready! I never expect that she would give me that reason.....i just simply thought that she would just want to see those slippers to be placed orderly..............behind her act is a deeper meaning!... ooohhhhhhh.....children are really so fascinating - with the way they act, feel and think!Children are really gifts from heaven!

sunday's best!

Good morning everyone!'s a fine day today, isn't it?..the little drizzling this morning somehow makes me feel that we are bidding our goodbyes to summer and.......HELLO RAINY DAYS!.....(oooppppsssss...what about the global warming?)

Sunday is a literal family day for us----no yaya, no driver---only the four of us--as early as 8 this morning, kids are asking that we take them out and in a little while, we'll be attending mass and eat lunch outside then we'll be heading to the grocery. Kids are asking us to take them to playhouse.....i think hubby will grant their request since later this afternoon we have to drop them at my in-law's house because i'll be meeting my highschool friends and hubby will be joining me.



see the mark she made on what she calls "bad tooth"
i can't help to blog this asap as it made me really laugh and sooooooooooo proud of my ate tala..........

my hubby and tala were playing catch the ball when not intentionally the ball went straight to ate tala's face.......she didn't cry.....but instead went to her room upstairs.......believing that she really got hubby called her out several times but didn't come out of the room......i called her and asked her to come down....after a little while.....she was on her way downstairs but not saying anything....instead, she handed me her mega sketcher........

she drew her teeth....then she said to us....i've got a bad tooth......ate tala's permanent teeth are now showing, so her milk teeth are becoming weak and are already shaking.....i can't help but to laugh because, all the while when she was in her room she was busy drawing her teeth!!!! and she was able to put a mark (*) on her badly hu…

Kid's Q

Thanks tet for tagging me!

Copy here:

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Kid’s Question #1 If you were the ruler of the world and you could have anything you wanted as well as have people do anything you wanted, do you think you would get greedy and mean or would you be a good and fair ruler?

i think i would be a good and fair ruler. The mere fact that i could have anything i wanted, there should be no reason for me to be greedy and mean. Besides, being a ruler doesn't mean i must be served by people but rather i should serve the people.

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telling time to young children

Young children find learning to tell the time very difficult. Before they can understand, they must acquire a sense of event sequence.

Here is an activity that will surely be of help.

This activity is called ---- MY DAY

What you need ---- * A long strip of paper
* felt pens or coloured pencils

What to do ----

Discuss with your children the sorts of things they do in a normal day. Then give them a strip of paper each and some coloured pens or pencils.

Ask them to draw a sun at one end of the paper and the moon and the stars at the other, for the beginning and end of the day. Next, they draw in their day --- when they get up, have breakfast, get dressed, go to pre-school/summer class, things they do there, come home, play outside, have their bath, have dinner, play or watch TV, brush their teeth, have stories, go to bed.

Hang their "my day" picture in their bedroom and talk about it together.

You can also hang a calendar in their room. If they…

excuse me

Excuse me......we hear these words everywhere.......excuse me is a part of our everyday language....SO, why i am writing about these words?....well, i went to the bank late this afternoon as i have to pay my credit card....i heard these 2 bank employees......they were having an argument on what "excuse me" means.....

employee 1 : Excuse me ka dyan, bakit dadaan ka ba?
employee 2: Hindi, may kukunin lang ako sa table mo.
employee 1: So, why are you saying excuse me, di ka pala dadaan?
employee 2: eh, may kukunin nga ako eh....
employee 1: dapat hindi excuse me sinasabi mo.......

At this point, i was not able to hear more of their conversation because it was my turn to pay my bill......

I wanted to tell employee 1 that employee 2 was right in using the words "excuse me"..... excuse me is more of a verbal expression or is used to acknowledge or ask forgiveness for an action that could cause, in the scene i mentioned above, employee 2 was asking…

birthday gift

Hubby will be turning 34 on June 3......and i am already thinking of possible best birthday gifts (yes,gifts-plural talaga, coz i heard him talking to our 2 daughters asking them that he wants to receive gifts from them!....di kaya nagpaparinig lang asawa ko?hmmmmm?????)............

on my list are:

1. a new cellphone - kakatakot yung price ng cel na gusto nya!
2. perfume - (parang madami na sya neto)
3. trip to macau - (mas maganda yata sya ang mag regalo sa akin neto for our anniversary)
4. an out of town get away, pa spa kami either in tagaytay (the nature) or in batangas (the farm) ---hmmm possible eto

last on my list is........

5. a shopping galore --- ( i will allow him to buy anything he wants...of course...using his credit card....hahahahahaha.......believe me, men would like to do this......they like to shop they just dont want to call it shopping!

my ate tala

i came to realize that when your child turns 6, there are lots of developments that come their eldest daughter, tala, amazes me.......she thinks, acts, speaks differently now...there is something in her that i cannot she perceived things and how she reacts to her surroundings.

i felt sad for a moment coz i know, this little girl of mine will no longer be a girl.....

at around 4pm today, we were watching the nick channel:

nanay: ate tala, can you bite my hand
tala: no, nanay
nanay: why?
tala: i don't want to hurt you because i love you. we should not hurt the people we love.
nanay: oh, tala.........
tala:if i will bite you, you will be hurt and i will get hurt too. i dont want to see you being hurt nanay.

At around 530pm:

tala: nanay, can we take a shower?
nanay: sure tala
tala: you know what nanay, when i am grown up already, i will be too shy if we bathe together.
nanay: ate tala, i dont want you to be shy to nanay, even if you are a grown up girl already. i want you …

business and leisure in one

tatay's (my hubby) been so busy for this 1st quarter.....he went to bangkok, indonesia, had a local tour to cebu, bohol, mindoro and for the next few days he will be in palawan....our kids really miss him so much.....

so he decided that we go with him today to montevista, laguna.......he's one of the speakers in the early as 5am my girls were all awake and ready to go......we left home at around 530, traffic was so bad.....we arrived at around 930am, had some quick, really quick breakfast coz tatay was scheduled at 8am...he was already late.

the organizer provided us a room....(thank you so much!)....i was spared of getting our own room....yeheeeyyyyy!.........they also gave us free merienda and lunch.....sarap!!!! loved the patatim and chopsuey....yummmmyyyyy!

my girls enjoyed their stay on tatay's side.........leisure for my girls.....

i hope tatay will bring me to palawan, i'm crossing my fingers...i really love to see palawan:)BUt if…
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busy as a bee

been busy these 2 kids started their summer class already last april 7, my ate tala is into violin and ading mayumi is busy with her keyboard........

they were the ones who chose what musical instrument they will first when ate tala told me that she wanted to play the violin, i am kinda unsure if she really can play it.....well, her instructor, teacher djana told me that tala is doing fine on her first day....and it seems that she is really showing interest....ohhhhhh, i feel so guilty coz i underestimate her :( the way, anyone who can help me find a second hand violin?size should be one half, enough for her age.....just leave a message if you can help me out.... and thanks in advance :)

with ading mayumi, her instructor told me that "mayumi seems to be a born pianist"!so nice to hear that.....her fingers are just so fine and flexible.......we were able to buy her an organ already......'s summer time and yet kids are b…

are you smarter than a 5th grader?

i love watching this show.........i am learning a lot here......easy questions but when asked are too difficult to answer.....

mommies out this show in star world....believe me, very entertaining and very educational.......what a way to review our elementary and even highschool subjects!

education fair 2008

for mommies out there,visit the education fair at atrium plaza of the block, sm city north edsa, quezon city......the fair runs for 2 days, april 4 to 5, 2008.

aside from being a mom, i am also a pre-school teacher, (i just finished my early childhood education and now planning to have my masters by june)....fairs like this really interests me...i get to know more new learning techniques that is full of fun and very helpful in shaping the minds not just of my children and students but my mind too.

so, mommies.....see u there!


hello there!

nothing much to share except for.....i have this backache that really annoys me.....had a reflex last night and it relieves me somehow.......need to go to my doctor this afternoon, and have a thorough really aches:(

my hi school buddies

Last monday night, i went out with my high school buddies.....they are my friends for so so long.....we parted our ways after highschool graduation and that was summer of 1989....we went to different schools.........but what i am so proud about our group is that we make sure that we have constant communication.

Time flies so, we have our own families.......we have kids....we share the same sentiments....(how we are as a mom and wife, how do we budget our money, how do we handle our yayas).......time flies so fast that we didnt know that we've have known each other for almost 23 years.....time flies so fast and yet.........the child in us still shows whenever we are together...time flies so fast that we followed our own paths........but our hearts bring us all together again.