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hello world!

hello hello hello.....i am not updating my site busy with so many things.....adjusting to my new work (well, i am pretty much adjusted already i am now 4 months old with this new job); school just started for my 2 smart girls-i have 1 preschooler, mayumi on advance prep and.......yeheeeeyyyyyyyy! finally, we have a grade school stude! Ate Tala is grade 1 already....They are still in the same school....HEDCEN, THE LITTLE FARM HOUSE.....i dunno if i already blogged this school but mind you....hubby and i so adore this school....ika nga sa tagalog -SWAK SA AMING PANLASA!

i have endorsed this school to many of my friends, believe me...they do wonders to your kid/ can check their site here.

anyways, i hope to be back in the circulation.......see you around guys!