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I'm back!!!!!...yesssss......i was so very busy for the past days.....actually up to now....hehehehe!

What makes me busy?
our on-going house renovation ( this really eat up my time)my own play and learn center ( hopefully it will open this 7th of July! )my 2 pre schoolers ( good thing that their classes will officially start on June 30! tomorrow!)our pending hongkong vacation ( buti na lang talaga naurong kundi kasama pa namin si typhoon FRANK sa hongkong! huh!)my hubby's readathon and nutrition project ( will post pics soon)So, hopefully i can blog for the coming days!see ya around!

mom's bday

yesterday was my mom's bday.....we have planned to have an overnight in tagaytay but since my nephew was hospitalized and he just went out yesterday afternoon, we opted to just have dinner at trinoma.

since it was holiday yesterday, trinoma is kinda crowded and all our favorite restos are in queu so we landed at kamay kainan, it's an eat all you can resto, fee is 249.00 per person....true to their name, you can eat with your hands and they serve filipino dishes.....they have shrimp tempura as a complimentary and it is served on a specific time only.My kids loved their tempura and sinigang na baboy and sinigang na panga ng isda. I love their dirty ice cream, mango and vanilla.

one day to go

it's june 2...and one day to go before hubby's birthday!! i am so excited coz together with my 2 girls...we planned something special for our very dear only boy......i am happy that the 2 girls are really keeping our secret.....

anyway, i am about to sleep but since later will be a busy day for me... i decided to blog what my day will be like ...hehehehe

Since, we are going to spend hubby's bday in a resort in binangonan, and it will be a very private moment...he doesn't want to spend it with anybody else but only US...the four of us...i decided that i will be sending food in his office later and since monday is their session day, all his colleagues will be here's my menu....

* my very own carbonara (i use ground round beef, really yummy! as per my customers! hehehe)

* tuna sandwich

* drysdale juice ( mango, orange and apple)

hubby at first doesn't want this idea coz he really wanted to spend his bday as simple as possible but i told him that peo…