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midnight thoughts

....been a while since I post from this page...there are thoughts running on my mind right now...I guess this is the best time to blog it out.

first thought - BER is here....ohh yesss! i can feel the pressure but I have managed to take control of it...

second thought - my baby boy is turning into a little man so fast....ohhh, how time flies....I wish to spend more time with him...I am in the midst of wanting to be a stay at home mom....but....yes...there is a big BUT...will it be practical? oh come on, we all know that life nowadays are not easy...having 2 pre-teens and a baby is something I should be thinking over and over and over ----- missing my being a hands on mom :(

third thought - November is just a few months away --- and it is our big day! the happiest month for the family, why? it is our birthday month! Tala will be turning 11, Mayumi will be 10, Raha will be 1 and me, 40? and that is why thoughts are running on my mind....

40, here I come!