Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Have you tried greeting everybody with an "x" on Christmas?
My friend told me that whenever we greet merry christmas never put x on it,
because it seems you are deleting CHRIST on his special day!

I was able to think about it and i said to myself,
Oh my God! kakahiya.....that is HIS special day
and yet i replaced a letter "x" on his name!

So, next time you greet everybody

Merry CHRISTmas!

it will never do harm on you!

have a merry and blessed CHRISTmas everyone!

RoTa ViRuS

Ate tala was diagnosed with ROTA VIRUS. With our busy sked, we attend christmas parties almost everyday....i just thought that ate tala's stomach aches were caused by the food she eats. But i was alarmed when she started to vomit twice last night and told us that she can't handle the pain anymore. Hubby immediately called our pedia and set a schedule for the little girl's check up. I was not able to join them coz hubby asked me to finish all the tasks he asked me to do. So i just called them from time to time to check on the little girl. It took them almost 3 hours to finish all the lab tests.

This is the first time i heard about rota virus, so i immediately browsed thru the net and heres what i found.
  • Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhea among infants and children throughout the world.
  • Most children become infected with rotavirus by age 3.
  • There are different strains of rotavirus, and multiple infections by different strains may occur.
  • Rotavirus causes fever, vomiting, and watery diarrhea.
  • Rotavirus infection is highly contagious.
  • Rotavirus illness typically resolves on its own after three to nine days.
  • A vaccine to prevent rotavirus infection is available.
You can check more about rota virus here.

Though i am very cautious to my kids, still it's not enough so i guess i need to be more extra extra cautious.

Ate tala is very cooperative, she drinks her meds (motillium before meal time), her pedialite 30 and she eats well though her pedia advised us to give only crackers, clear soup and fruits.

I hope ate will get well before 12mn strikes! so she can enjoy our noche buena feast!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meet My Crush.....

me and atty adel tamano

Yes!.....i was able to meet my "kwash".......and i need to post this ahead of my pending tasks....hahahahaha!

Atty. Adel is the spokesperson of the opposition and presently the president of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. I adore him for his a good speaker, a very bright young man. He is very well versed to almost anything. I was so very glad to see him in the closing program of the SSEAYAP and i made kulit to hubby that he should find ways that i can go near to my "kwash"....hahahaha! good thing people around Atty. Adel are hubby's friends.

We had a little chit chat. He is very accomodating and one thing more....he has a very good complexion....it is very obvious in the pic! napaka flawless! kakainggit..hahahaha! and of course! he smells good! yummy! hahahaha....ok enough.....!hahahaha....actually, hubby keep on teasing me that i looked like a 16 year old who have seen her crush " na hindi mapakali"......hehehe!

Sometimes its good to feel and act that way.....it gives me the feeling of being young....naughty but nice little lady .......haaaayyy.....sarap maging bata ulit, hehehehe!

more pics to come

Now, i am working to upload more pics from:

  1. tala and mayumi's bday party at shakeys
  2. tala's bday in school
  3. mayumi's bday in school
  4. sseayap activities
  5. and the very long overdue pics from preschool week...

Hopefully, if my time permits me i will be able to share it to you before the week ends.


Finally, i was able to upload our pics during my kids' sportsfest. You can view it here.

It was a rainy week so my kids were kinda sad thinking that their sportsfest will be postponed. Thank you kay HARING ARAW coz he somehow showed a little of him during the day, hehehehe. There were drizzles but we never felt it.....kids were asked to bring raincoats....rain or shine.....kids will surely play and will have some fun.......and we really had fun!

Monday, December 01, 2008


....our panasonic viera was already mounted on the wall....hayyyy....after a long long pakiusap from hubby, he finally vowed to my request.....salamat naman...hahahaha!

Now, i am thinking of what to put in the tv stand to make an accent......or hubby wants to put a shelf above.......