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All Saints Day

Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven
Fra Angelico - 1428-30, Tempera on wood - National Gallery, London "The glorious company of the apostles praise Thee.
The goodly fellowship of the prophets praise Thee.
The white-robed army of martyrs praise Thee.
All Thy saints and elect with one voice do acknowledge Thee,
O Blessed Trinity, one God!"
-- Feast of All Saints (November 1), Antiphon at Lauds. from the Te DeumWe celebrate All Saints Day in memory of all the Martyrs who stood by Jesus, never gave up their christian faith even it means saving their lives.This day, let us pray for all"who have died and gone before us into the presence of the Lord".

friendship candle


From Cee with a message that says:

Don't let the Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship die. May God richly bless you as you keep this candle burning. Pass it on to all your Friends and to everyone you love.

I am passing this on to everyone...
Please feel free to snag this:)

trick or treat

Our Homeowners Association organized a trick or treat or a Halloween Party for kids. I wasn't able to buy kids costumes for this event because i was hesitant buying princess's costumes, baka kasi they get bigger agad in a few days, sayang naman. So instead, i checked their cabinets and look what i've got for them....

ate tala wore this costume in her mary poppins play in school
and mayumi is wearing a black ballet dress and a skirt given by her mama jo.
You see, kids can enjoy halloweens even without those expensive costumes.
Just check their wardrobes and be innovative and creative.
By the way, I used KLUTZ face paints for ate tala. It was a pasalubong from Manang Dadet
when she arrived from Canada last July.



falling in line to drop the thank you letters that the kids wrote

mayumi writing her thank you letter

way up to the back of Our Lady

lighted some candles for our family and friends
kids saying their prayers before Our Lady of Manaoag

Here are some of the pics i've took during our manaoag trip yesterday. You cannot find me in the pics because i feel awkward as i undergone some warts removal last tuesday and i still have this "polka dots on my face and neck"

Sembreak activities

Sembreak is just a day to go so i am busy with the kids' sembreak activities. Look at the following:

Oct. 24 - attend cousin's bday
Oct. 25 - will go to the 7th Kiddie Karnival Fair and Halloween Party at Edsa Shang
Oct. 26 - kids will set up the Christmas Tree and other decorations
Oct. 27 - kids will clean their dresser so we can share the clothes they no longer wear to others
Oct. 28 - go to Manaoag Church with family friends ( this i have to confirm)
Oct. 29- rest day as they will be tired for the long trip to Manaoag
Oct. 30- attend kids halloween party, sponsored by our homeowners association
Oct. 31- Nov. 1- family get away to tagaytay
Nov. 2 - visit my dad at Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina

November 3 is back to school day. I just hope with these activities my kids maintained the same enthusiasm to go back to BAHAY KWITIB!

Entrepreneurs' day

As part of the Preschool week at LITTLE FARM HOUSE, BAHAY KWITIB, preschoolers had this "Entrepreneurs' Day". My 2 kids enjoyed this activity, first they have to deposit and withdraw to KWITIB BANK then they are free to choose how they are going to spend their money.....classrooms were transformed to KWITIB MART (groceries), KWITIB MOVIE HOUSE, KWITIB PET SHOPS, FOOD SHOP, BOOK STORE and they also have a BK COMMUNITY RADIO.

MY kids really had a blast! They loved the KWITIB MART, they were able to buy their own goodies, tala bought yakult, hunts pork and beans and jelly ace lychees. Mayumi bought her own yakult, oreo and jelly ace lychees too. They loved roaming around the mart with the little push cart....falling in line to pay, and using their recycable market bags. Then they went to the food shop, ordered halo-halo and pizza.....ate with their friends and they proceed to the movie house.....they again fall in line to get their movie ticket, bought popcorns.....after the…

no rice policy

I am happy to say that i managed not to eat rice for 1 week. I started this endeavor (hahahaha!) last October 13.......i silently and voluntarily promised myself to lose weight. YES! i am doing this not for anybody but for MY OWN GOOD!

I used to weigh, 110lbs when i got pregnant to our 1st baby (2001), i weighed 138lbs, when i gave birth i stayed at 140lbs....after a few months of giving birth, i got pregnant again (oh yes!)..november 26, 2002 i gave birth for the 2nd time.......and i weighed 168lbs...imagine how big i am....i was so tired of loosing usual reason was...."I JUST GAVE BIRTH"...until i realised that it was almost 6 years......i hope it is not too late.

To date, i am convinced that i need to lose weight not to slim down,not to be beautiful BUT more than that....i need to lose weight to be healthy and fit......not for anybody but for myself.

One thing i've learned.....If you want it, you can do it!

seat sale no more!

My good friend and kumare, jen, called me last night asking if i wanted to go to singapore because there's a seat sale at tiger airways.....since i promised myself that i will be back in that city.....i immediately asked permission from hubby....good thing, he allowed me.

When we are making our bookings this morning, we were i hit "continue" there was a change in the fare! huh! from 97.18 usd to 136.58 usd.....huh! i thought there was a hidden charges....So i refreshed the page and book again and to my surprise.....NO MORE SEAT SALE

I just need a few more seconds to confirm my bookings and then....hayyyy life talaga!

So we decided to wait for another seat sale....i have to check cebu pacific's promo instead.

Preschool Week

Yesterday was the start of my kids school activities. It is their PreSchool Week. Ate tala was needed in school at 7:15am! whoa! imagine that, i need to wake her up at 6:15......Anyway, she woke up at 6:30, ate breakfast in an instant, took a bath and we headed to school at around 7...yes...we were on the dot!

I was thinking why they need to be in school at 7:15 while the official time for the activities will start at my query was answered and feel so proud not just for my daughter tala but for the whole preschoolers......they performed for the assembly time of the grade school and highschool department....preschoolers led the morning prayers......the National Anthem...the panunumpa sa Watawat ng Pilipinas.....and some preschoolers were asked what they want to be when they grow up.....i laughed to one scenario wherein a kid said that she wants to be a doctor and the following kid said....."when i grow up, i want to be a....hmmm FAMOUS DOCTOR!".....everybody reall…

"Wifi Ready"

Our home is now wifi i can browse the net, blog anytime
and anywhere.....within our home.....hahahahaha!

Missing you

I am missing my hubby now....he attended a 4 day seminar in Palawan and when he comes back on Friday, he will be leaving again and will be gone for 3 days. He was invited as a resource speaker of PATS.

Anyway, he made the dates, October 20, 23 and 24 free for tala and yumi's school activities.

And we are both looking forward for our "hubby and wife" getaway....... very very soon!

PreSchool Week

Next week will be a busy week for my kids and us too . Several activities are lined up for them...

Monday, October 24 - WANNA BE FASHION DAY

Each preschool child will come in his/her special costume, that shows what he/she wants to be in the future.....and take note of this, costumes should be handmade and comes from a recycled and environment friendly materials......hohummmm.....a time to show our resourcefulness and creativeness and all the nesssessss....hahahaha!

Tala will be wearing a zoo keeper outfit, oh yes! she wants to be a zoo keeper when she grows up. Mayumi on the other hand wants to be a doctor!, i am now busy thinking of possible materials that we can use......any idea anyone? please feel free to leave a message and i will gladly accept your ideas....thanks in advance.

Aside from their wanna be fashion show, there will also be a storytelling ( oh, i would love to join this!) and puppet show.

Tuesday and Wednesday are regular school days for them.

Thursday, October 23 wil…


Sunday/October 10, 2008: We woke up late so we decided to have lunch at home and go to church in the afternoon. Hubby said that I could stay in our room and take some more rest and he will take care of our lunch. At around 12:30 I heard them shout, "Nanay, kakain na!" I went down and hubby told me we will eat outside, we are going to teach them how to eat by hands....They keep on asking where are the plates, spoons and fork, why should we eat this way.......etc...etc...ate tala even asked, are we poor nanay, can you still buy as toys?....hahahaha! So hearing those words hubby and I made some KAMAYAN SESSION with them...Look at our pics! eyes were puzzled BUT yes! they enjoyed it and had some fun too!

solar system, skeletal and reproductive system

...these are some of the topics in today's culminating activity of my kids (by the way, their school is Little Farm House, preschool dept of HEDCEN)...Hubby and I take turns in watching them, we shift from 1 classroom to another as we dont want to miss them perform. It is so amazing to see kids talk about our human body...i salute to the teachers who keep on stimulating children's mind!....very creative, very informative!

Mayumi is in level ll and they showed how great they are as they talk about the beautiful family of the Solar System! Every child was given a chance to represent a member of the solar system, Mayumi was assigned as Venus, the hottest planet! My husband asked me to go to mayumi's room...he literally pushed me....and when i enter the room, there will be a question and answer pala, a tandem of 1 parent and his/her kid! kaya pala! grabe talaga pinasubo ako! thankful that mayumi was able to answer the question ng walang kahirap-hirap....hahaha!..


Lasap Pinoie...

For those of you who lives in ANTIPOLO...please try to visit our Eatery....LASAP PINOIE....try our sizzling sizzlers and our zesty tapsis for a very affordable price.....other products are short orders and bilao of pancit of any kind!....must try is our BULALO! so yummy!...

Lasap Pinoie is located along Martinez St. cor Masangkay, Brgy. San Roque near the fx terminal and Dimasalang Park....

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Ate tala and mayumi's birthday are coming up.....I am hoping that i get rid of my feeling to celebrate ate tala's 7th birthday with a party since she asked us that a simple celebration in her school is enough for her....But i am really thinking otherwise since it is a tradition in our family that when a child turns 7 it should be a big party.....hayyyyyyy!

Hubby and I agreed that we follow what our kids, i should settle for ate tala's decision. Anyway, last night i went to Cakes by Rea, it is a local bakeshop here in Antipolo and I already inquired...I will be taking tala and mayumi there probably on Sunday so they can choose their own cake....I just hope they will choose the one I eyed! (oh! i am really a mother now...acting like mother knows best! hahahahaha).

On Saturday, my kids and I will be working their party invites.....using different cut out shapes surely they will enjoy!......

Next on my list is to decide what will be their more candies p…