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Skywatch Friday Post

On our way to Batangas last week
, i was busy looking up in the sky
looking for something special
and i cannot make a choice
suddenly i realized...............

i need not to see any figures......
this is specia!

see more of special up above: just hit this.


Hubby is in tacloban again. Left early morning, 1st flight of PAL. But he will be back tomorrow afternoon for our Baguio trip on the 26th.

Just nothing. I am missing hubby.


Yes, I am.
I accompanied hubby today, we went to Batangas City to attend the STCAA (Southern Tagalog and Calabarzon Athletic Association).
We joined the 400 plus student athletes of Antipolo City.
After the parade and the program we headed back home. Will post pics tomorrow.

I am signing off now.
So really tired and tomorrow will be a manic monday again, good thing no school for kiddos!

Skywatch Friday

I just signed up to this group, i was browsing the net and got hold of this site...very interesting! When i daydream, when i think of nothing, when i do nothing.......i just look up in the sky and i get the feeling of being so blessed...... for my first photo...i am sharing you this.....took this at my friend's overlooking farm when we celebrated her birthday last january.

Sunset reminds me that there will always be tomorrow
to love much, to live well and to laugh endlessly!

see more of the world at skywatch friday.

about me...

It's 12:34am and i am not sleepy....i want to close my eyes as i need to wake up early for my toddler class....but my mind is so awake. Now, what? i really don't know what to do, i am watching tv, i am browsing the net, i am texting 2 friends all at the same time at this hour....i am multi-tasking's 2009, 9 more months and i will be a year older.....after that, i will wait for 3 more years before my life life isn't at its beginning?.....uuurrrrggggh! i think i am experiencing mid life crisis! urrrggghhhh! (again), i am munching dried bananas, my mom's pasalubong from lucena......what do i want? i dunno. why i am feeling this way right now? i, let me tell you 36 things about you and i would know!

i hate mondays ------ooooppppssss, i sound like garfield--let me rephrase it -- MONDAYS ISNT MY DAY!i love my kids so much! need i say more?hubby wont like this, kids are in #2 and he's at #3 ----i love my hubb…

Slumdog Millionaire

Go get a copy. A nice movie indeed.


Hubby just called me now.....he is still in Tacloban City and informed me of 2 things:

He will be home not on Thursday but on Friday;A change (of?) will be set by March.I hate changes but it's the only constant thing in this world.

Love Day

ronald, me, nixon, edna, tita emma and mario

We spent our Love Day in Tagaytay with some of our was not actually planned. Day before 14, i received a text message from edna asking me if we want to go to Tagaytay. We were supposed to spend our day there but things changed when my sister in law told me that she is going to celebrate her daughter's bday on the 14th instead and of course, my 2 girls should be present as they love birthday parties really! So, hubby and i decided that we join our friends while the 2 girls will join the party with my mom and yaya sallly as their companion.

We left manila around 730 a.m and reached Tagaytay by 9:45am...we were supposed to eat breakfast at josephine's but since it will be 2 hours before 12, we decided to roam around and have an early lunch at 11 at the same resto in their eat all you can, oh yes, it's valentine and it's a pig out day! (hehehehe). So we headed first at picnic grove....spent our time walking and walk…

Tacloban City

Image hubby's destination today. He will be having business conferences/meetings for two days. I was supposed to go with him as I want to visit this beautiful and historic place but i opted to stay because my students might be disappointed as they are very very very eager to play and learn nowadays. The thought of giving them a 3 day short break might ruin their eagerness which is very visible now.

Aside from my students, my 2 girls hold me back too after hearing what they have told hubby when he made paalam to them......

hubby: girls! girls! I will be gone for 2 days.

tala: huh! again!

mayumi: you are always away tatay! again and again and again

hubby: sorry, but this is very important

tala: okay, tatay, we know. I will be the man of the house, i will take care of nanay and mayumi.

hubby: very good ate tala! that's my girl.

mayumi: and i will be good to ate tala........nanay, are you going with tatay?

me: uhmmmm....of course not! i will take care of you! we will be having fun while t…


Thank you CEE for always remembering me. I am grateful for having you as one of my blogging friends.

These kind Bloggers aim to find one another and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of this Award are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this Award to eight (8) Bloggers who can choose eight more and include this text into the body of their Award.
I am extending this to tet, chelle, hapimom, ethel, lingz, rizza, ritz and jane.


is one place (next to tagaytay) hubby and i would love to hang out. Last week, hubby attended a seminar here. So, i took the chance of inviting myself (hahahaha!) to join him!

His seminar started on the 3rd day of February but since it was the field trip of our kids, hubby and i joined them first....( i will post another story for that). We left for baguio around 12mn and arrived at the hotel 4:30am.....( galing ng driver namin ano!).

In the morning, hubby attended the seminar and i took this chance to sleep until 10am. At around 11am hubby's cousins, who are studying in Baguio visited me in our hotel. We went out for lunch, we just ate at Mang Inasal in SM.....then we headed to Mines View as I was looking for ate tala's ethnic costume that she will be using when she turns grade 1 this June (gradeschoolers should be wearing ethnic attire every Wednesday). I found a terno, a skirt and blazer, Igorota inspired for only P400.00, very cheap compared here in Manila. I went back to th…