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My Rakistas

tala and hubby 
I can see so much happiness in this picture....happiness that are not only seen through the faces of those who are in this picture  but also happiness that radiates from within --- - from the heart of the father -  - from the heart of the daughter-  - and from the two hearts behind -  the one taking the pic and the little sister shouting out, "rock and roll, ate and tatay!

Priceless moments indeed!


yeah...that's what I am feeling.....I hope this weekend will give a little light of this tiredness I am feeling.....Hubby and I will have a quick trip to Laoag to attend a special occasion....

Love Month

My love month is full packed......
     for the 1st week, kids will be having their school sports fest - and i can imagine how tired they will be
       weekends of it's 1st week - we will be going to Ilocos Sur to visit my hubby's GrandMa
         2nd week - kids will be busy for their school upcoming Science Expo and Academic Week
           ohhhhhhh.......never ending stress...that's what i feel
             and of course, i made sure that we have a stress reliever, our family's Valentine date at
              Hot Air Balloon Festival at clark, just can't wait for it - Feb 12, is the date!
                 3rd week - This is it! Science Expo and Academic Week - Good luck girls!
                   4th week - we'll be conducting 2 batches of Clerical and Staff Development Training                                

Love Month, Busy Month!