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about being 40

I was excited to turn 40, originally, i planned to throw a disco party...but it turns the other way around....I spent this day in it's most humble way,

woke up at 5:45 A.M. to fix the girls' breakfast and let them be ready for schoolas early as 7:00 A.M. attended to Raha's need - we played in bed, fed him and let him sleep againat 8:00 A.M. took a nap that turns to a deep sleep - Raha and I woke up around 10:3011:00 A.M. prepared lunchwatched Please be Careful with my heart12:00 noon, started doing the laundry4:00 P.M. visited my father in-law in the hospital5:30 P.M. fetched the girls and bought some dinner In between these times, i utter prayers to Lord....thanking Him for the gift of life.

Happy Birthday Raha Lam-Ang Gabriel

Dearest Raha,

It's been a year....and time is really flying so fast...I really do not know what to say...coz until now, I do not know how to thank God for the "blessing" He have given us. It was after 9 years that I have felt the same feeling when I first got hold of your Ate Tala and Ate Mayumi...

.feeling you inside me (and you made it sure that I felt you though you were such so tiny then)  was just magical!

hearing your cry was just so fantastic (as if it was a sweet melody)...

......feeling you wanting my breast was so lovely..... and it was that feeling that I was longing for 9 years!

Your Tatay, Ate Tala, Ate Mayumi  and I didn't ask the Lord for someone......we prayed, I prayed.....thanking Him for another opportunity of bringing into this world a blessing from Him....whether you are a he or she, doesn't matter, I told Him.

When my doctor told me  that you're a boy...I cried...because I knew then, that you are really a special gift from above!

You made me…

Happy Raha

3 more days and my Raha will be surely so happy!