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Happy Birthday Mayumi!

I brought you into this world unexpectedly...
I was so busy taking care to my first bundle of joy, your ate tala When i was carrying you, there were more of fears i felt knowing that my time and my life will be divided between you and your ate.

 Until the day you came,  You gave me the feeling of not to be afraid
 You showed me that you needed me  I held you so close to me and say my prayer

From then on, I keep you in my heart always
and I thank God that you are in my life I thank Him for being perfectly YOU.

You are perfect, and that makes me a PERFECT MOTHER!

On your birthday, I am asking God to bless you again and again and again.

The combination of your traits.......


 and personal qualities makes 
You are our amazing gift from God!
We are so very proud of you!

Happy Birthday Tala!

Time flies so fast.....our dear TaLa is now turning 9.          I reallly do not know what to say......I am so clueless          on what I should heart is happy, I am sure.
         On your birthday Tala, let me share this with you, from the           book I bought especially for answer all your          questions.....
         " There will be good days and bad days in your life.             There will be times when you want to laugh and              let it all out.             There will be times when you want to shout out              in frustration.             But don't let the "bad days" get you down.             Don't let your own limitations or those of others             around you make you frown.             Instead, accept your talents as they are.             Grow each day a little more.             Learn as much as you can.             You will find that "limitations" are only guideposts             that will point you toward an u…