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Do not disturb

this what caught my attention as I entered our home from work this afternoon. My dear Tala wearing her self made "signboard" complete with illustration  ( a face which is seemed to be sound asleep). As much as I wanted to hug her....I refrain from doing so coz as what the sign says... Do not disturb..... Oh, my angels...they never stop making me happy and what a  good sign to end our day.....
Do not we are having the best sound sleep tonight.....
Good night peeps!
The Barcena Family

busy bee

Image!  and I love it.....just love it.....

A bucket full of love and guilt....

As much as I want to cook nutritious food for my family, I sometimes fail to do it....I am a working 8:00  to 5:00 is solely devoted to work and sometimes I do extend....because I have to even if i don't want.... and during these times,  I am very grateful to fast's a sweet escape for me.....(huh! sweet escape for the guilt of not being able to cook fresh food for my family)......seeing how they smile bringing home.....a bucket of love for them.........but  a bucket of guilt for me! huh!

Daddy's girl...forever

I regret that he wasn't able to see me grow... It saddens me that he wasn't with me  when I am building my own family... I wonder from time to time  how would he be like to be a LOLO... but he leaves a smile on my face  whenever I think of him.
Today is my Dad's death anniversary... and I am very thankful to the LOrd,  for giving me a father like him. I love you Daddy!  I will always be a daddy's girl.

Breakfast for 4 on Saturday

Saturday is my family's favorite is actually a freedom day for worries on time to wake up....just a relaxing day ahead for us......

four souls woke up

to share a blessing from above

 showing stronger bond

all for the sake of love