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old pics from SSEAYP

These were the pics taken during the 2005 SSEAYP program.......

with bam aquinothe ship our foster daughters

Looking forward to having another worthwhile experience.....though we came from different countries the bottom line is.....we are all ASIAN! MABUHAY!

foster daughters

For the 2nd time, we will be joining again the SSEAYP ( SHIP FOR SOUTHEAST ASIAN YOUTH PROGRAM). This is a a cultural exchange program among the youth in the ASEAN member countries and Japan that seeks to promote goodwill and understanding. This is an opportunity for the PY (Participating Youth) to gain first hand experience on how it is to live in a typical ASEAN COUNTRY, in our case, FILIPINO home. The National Youth Commission is responsible in scouting prospective host families here in our country. Each family hosts 2 PY'S of the same gender.

Our first hosting was 2005 and we weren't able to join the 2006 and 2007 program coz of our busy sked. Our first foster daughters came from indonesia and brunei and we still communicate up to now. Since hubby and I are not that old, we were more of foster sisters than daughters........aneh who came from brunei even took time to visit us last 2006 when she made a coverage here.... and vira from indonesia, was able to meet up hubby whe…

Happy Birthday ading MAYUMI!

Our second bundle of joy!


She now turns 6 fingers old!
A very smart, bright, caring and loving girl!

We love you so very much dear!

Who wants to be the next President.

i woke up so very early at 4:30 this morning and nothing much to do and can't go back to sleep, i opened my laptop and browsed for nothing.......i searched for my hubby's name and look what i've found here.......

Hahaha! i remembered happened in the year 1996....when my hubby and I were still part of the Sangguniang Kabataan Days.

Pending tasks...

i need to work on:

Upload pics from Tala and Mayumi's recent school activitiesOur Tagaytay get awayMy birthday pics and kwentoTala and Mayumi's bday party pics at Shakeys
Haaayyyyyyy! hope i can do these things before December knocks busy as a bee now!


7 years old

3 years old

at 1 year old

tala at 1 week old

7 years have passed and when we (hubby and i) looked back
we didn't know that we can give a love like this.
Tala came to our lives planned and unplanned.
We were sure that we wanted to have a baby
yet we were unsured if we can raise a family.

When tala came to our lives
all our fears were laid to rest.


a year older

I am a year older today. I thank GOD for all the blessings HE is giving me. If you'd ask me what's the best gift i received......It is seeing my mom who brought me in this world, still alive and around being a mother not just to me but to my whole family.........

This is our special day mom.....this is the birth of our bonding as mother and daughter and I THANK YOU for the unconditional love you have showered me and i am giving it back to my family.

Thank you also to my hubby, who is very supportive, who opened my mind that loving one another is not enough but rather giving me the feeling of family is the best in raising this family. I love you tay!

To my 2 daughters.....tala and mayumi, I ( WE pala as hubby does not want to me to monopolize it) LOVE YOU! have thought me a lot of things in fill the part that completes me.


Friendship Flower

Thanks Cee!
This tag is all about “FRIENDSHIP OFFERING” to someone whom you know, to someone whom you already knew or will know in the future, globally.

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”And lovely are the blossoms
That are tended with great care,
By those who work unselfishly
To make the place more fair.

And like the garden blossoms,
Friendship’s flower grows more sweet
When watched and tended carefully
By those we know and meet.
And if the seed of Friendship
Is planted deep and true
And watched with understanding,
Friendship’s flower will bloom for you. “

Passing this on to Lingz, ethel, emotera, jane

Birthday update 2

Went to Megatrade Hall late this afternoon and found these cute little bears for only 3 for P100!
These bears will be my kids' birthday souvenirs.......very timely that i decided to go there coz i have been thinking if i need to provide souvenirs since Shakey's will be providing lootbags for the kids......good thing also that my hubby is in Tagaytay right now that i am very free to purchase these bears....walang kumontra! hahahahahaha

So, all set now for Tala's 7th bday and Yumi's 6th bday!

Birthday update

this been bothering me for days now and this morning as i was counting days left for my kids birthday, i asked hubby what will be our birthday plan for our 2 angels.......and the answer....

hubby decided to have a birthday party for ate tala since she will be turning 7! (yippppeeeeee!!!!! i am more excited than the bday girl, hahahaha)
they will still be having a small celebration in school ( ate tala on the 24th and mayumi this i have to check to her teacher, either on her day which is on the 26th or 2 days later, 28th)So, when hubby approved the bday party idea for ate tala....i immediately told them that i will be treating them for some pizza at blue wave ( but my real intention go to mcdo and shakeys to inquire....sssshhhhhhhhhhhhh).

At bluewave, i asked hubby that we headed to shakey's to have some pizza. While we were there, i told himin a pacute way...."tay, inquire na kaya ako for the birthday party".....WOW! i think my hubby was in a good obje…