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Father's Day

DeAr DaDdY, hApPy FaThEr’S dAy
usually, we only remember how to thank
our mothers for suffering during labors
just to bring us to life, we tend to
forget that our fathers played a part
in bringing us to this world,too.
Fathers should always be in strong
figures. They cannot show their
feelings freely, unlike our mother 
can hug and kiss us even when we are
grown ups now.
But the truth is, a father is willing
to sacrifice anything just to be sure
his children are happy, well-provided
and safe wherever they are. My father died in a way he did not like
but he must do it for the sake of his
family. Daddy, i know you are with HIM and at
Daddy, thank you for giving us the
strength to live our life. You are a father forever.
I love you. Happy father’s day.