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Aaahhhhh......Christmas rush...

is getting into my nerves......I am so disoriented....tons of things to do and I don't think I am even half way in accomplishing the tasks....No chores......all of it....rolled into one...

With only few days before Christmas.....i am wishing on every star to give me strength to finish my to do list.

Inspired by Hubby's shout out in FB

I saw the post of hubby in fb and it talks about the crayons. They are in  different colors but have to live in the same is how he expressed his greetings for Human Rights Week....I suddenly remember this poem I thought to my Grade 1 students 3 years ago and I was able to teach to my 2 girls....I love the message of this poem.....have time to read and ponder.....The Crayon Box That Talked
While walking into a toy store the day before today
I overheard a crayon box with many things to say

"I don't like Red!" said Yellow and Green said "Nor do I"
"And no one here likes Orange but no one knows just why"

"We are a box of crayons that doesn't get along
Said Blue to all the others "Something here is wrong"

Well, I bought that box of crayons and took it home with me
And laid out all the colors so the crayons all could see

They watched me as I colored with Red and Blue and Green
And Black and White and Orange and every color in …

Happy Birthday Mayumi!

I brought you into this world unexpectedly...
I was so busy taking care to my first bundle of joy, your ate tala When i was carrying you, there were more of fears i felt knowing that my time and my life will be divided between you and your ate.

 Until the day you came,  You gave me the feeling of not to be afraid
 You showed me that you needed me  I held you so close to me and say my prayer

From then on, I keep you in my heart always
and I thank God that you are in my life I thank Him for being perfectly YOU.

You are perfect, and that makes me a PERFECT MOTHER!

On your birthday, I am asking God to bless you again and again and again.

The combination of your traits.......


 and personal qualities makes 
You are our amazing gift from God!
We are so very proud of you!

Happy Birthday Tala!

Time flies so fast.....our dear TaLa is now turning 9.          I reallly do not know what to say......I am so clueless          on what I should heart is happy, I am sure.
         On your birthday Tala, let me share this with you, from the           book I bought especially for answer all your          questions.....
         " There will be good days and bad days in your life.             There will be times when you want to laugh and              let it all out.             There will be times when you want to shout out              in frustration.             But don't let the "bad days" get you down.             Don't let your own limitations or those of others             around you make you frown.             Instead, accept your talents as they are.             Grow each day a little more.             Learn as much as you can.             You will find that "limitations" are only guideposts             that will point you toward an u…

Do not disturb

this what caught my attention as I entered our home from work this afternoon. My dear Tala wearing her self made "signboard" complete with illustration  ( a face which is seemed to be sound asleep). As much as I wanted to hug her....I refrain from doing so coz as what the sign says... Do not disturb..... Oh, my angels...they never stop making me happy and what a  good sign to end our day.....
Do not we are having the best sound sleep tonight.....
Good night peeps!
The Barcena Family

busy bee

Image!  and I love it.....just love it.....

A bucket full of love and guilt....

As much as I want to cook nutritious food for my family, I sometimes fail to do it....I am a working 8:00  to 5:00 is solely devoted to work and sometimes I do extend....because I have to even if i don't want.... and during these times,  I am very grateful to fast's a sweet escape for me.....(huh! sweet escape for the guilt of not being able to cook fresh food for my family)......seeing how they smile bringing home.....a bucket of love for them.........but  a bucket of guilt for me! huh!

Daddy's girl...forever

I regret that he wasn't able to see me grow... It saddens me that he wasn't with me  when I am building my own family... I wonder from time to time  how would he be like to be a LOLO... but he leaves a smile on my face  whenever I think of him.
Today is my Dad's death anniversary... and I am very thankful to the LOrd,  for giving me a father like him. I love you Daddy!  I will always be a daddy's girl.

Breakfast for 4 on Saturday

Saturday is my family's favorite is actually a freedom day for worries on time to wake up....just a relaxing day ahead for us......

four souls woke up

to share a blessing from above

 showing stronger bond

all for the sake of love

Still at home

I still did not report for work...mayumi is sick....will be having an appointment to her pedia later. I hope nothing is serious...her fever is on and off....

Despicable Me

Worth watching this film. Nothing extra-ordinary but this very light-hearted movie  made my hubby and 2 kids laugh ----countless times.
On a serious note, this film made me remember  what my professor in early childhood education told me... "The child is the father of the man"
A happy childhood is very important to everyone.

Tear's On My Pillow

This morning, I heard hubby singing this.....

Ohhh, this song was one of my faves way back college times but of course with its new version but today, as I searched on the original singer I fell in love with this song again Just loving how it was sung, the melody and tune.....
An old song on Saturday morning What a great day to start our weekend.
Happy Saturday everyone!

What's for dinner?


Mechado for dinner later!
Bon appetit!


It's Friday and we all love this..... I still did not report for work..... will be attending to  lots and lots today... .just peeping in coz later when my world starts  I don't know how to fit everything in my day.... sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee with my lappy,  staring to nowhere,  looking at the waiting tons of work... .ahhhhhhh.... I love it... i love being a mom, a wife..... and a blogger.
Good Morning Friday!

Food trip

These are what we ate at Banapple...just a quick food trip after fetching the kids at school and before heading home.

Interrupted connection...

NO MORE!  yessss.....after almost a month of suffering from a bad connection the PLDT give in to my plea.....and installed a new modem!
I've been a loyal subscriber of their dsl.....6 years to be exact!  Happy blogging to me again......


I am not reporting for work since Monday....due to some personal errands......It's a very relaxing week for me and how I love the feeling of personally taking care of my kids, hubby and home...

Am I ready...

to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom? My heart says "yes" but my pocket says "not yet"........Hubby is very supportive of whatever decision I will make but of course I need to make extra careful on this decision because there is no turning back. At this point, I am praying and asking for God's guidance.

just peeping

I just finished my chores.....peeping in just to say hi....there are lots of things I wanna share but I am just too tired to blog....maybe tomorrow....nighty night people! God bless us all!

All about Love

It seems like someone is in the mood blogging......So let me take this opportunity of sharing with you what's up with me...and since I will be turning 38 this year, let me tell you 38 things about me:
I am a mom to two (2) smart & pretty girlsand sometimes I am a mom too to my one and only boy - my hubbyI am a hands on mother but...I am not a typical mom - what do i mean? i dunno, i am not just that typicalI love answering my kids' questions - I believe what they ought to know should be told in an honest wayI am a working womanand  I love my workI have a small business and dreaming it will become BIG!Somehow, I believe that being a Scorpion affects how I view things in lifeI am overweightand I always say that I will start my diet "tomorrow"but I am into Aero and Ballroom Dancing now - thanks to our program!I started walking every Saturday - crossing my fingers to do it religiouslyI love bagsI love shoes I am a LaCoste fanI love to cookI love to eatFood tripping is…


will be my next destination this year....yes, i am hoping it will be this year! This will gonna be a happy travel coz I will be with my 2 bestest bff... an all girls out of the country journey, our way of destressing but it is not just that, we chose V coz  we intend to visit a dear friend of us.

I am here

....very active blogging my way again.....ooohhhhhh.....I just so love blogging....writing what is on my mind....sharing what my life is offering....I just hope this blogsite of mine could be of some help or might be an inspiration to anybody out there....

Happy blogging! and a blessed Sunday everyone

Long Weekend Again

It will be a long weekend again next week....Malacanang has declared September 10, 2010 as a Special Non-Working Holiday as the last day of Ramadan for our Muslim Brothers....and I am thinking on how are we going to spend the long weekend.....Since hubby will be leaving for Baguio on the 8th, we plan to just follow him on the night of 9th and roam around until Saturday....BUT that plan will not push thru coz the gilrs will be having another game, this time at Colegio San Agustin on the 11th....
With the hot weather we experienced today, i totally absolutely would want to go to Baguio...maybe will schedule it some other time....meantime, will be thinking how the kids and I will spend Friday.

My Laundry Girl

.....for several days now, Tala has been asking me that she wants to do her own I started teaching her to wash her own undies when taking a bath....and she religiously been doing that.....yesterday she saw me separating the soiled clothes and asked me if she can help....I told her that I will just be washing the hankies, undies and socks....
"I'll take the hankies, Nanay!"... so I give in to her request..... take a look at my dear laundry girl 

I just hope that when she grows up and become teenager, she would still have that urge to do the laundry :)

in her notebook.....

is a brilliant mind
"I would like to invent a pencil that can change to pen or crayon. What does it do? When I'm checking it will be a pen. How will it help people? When my friend likes to draw, write, and check they don't need to get a pencil, crayon and pen, it will change to crayon".

from: Tala's Seatwork teacher's comment: "I would like to have one of these! (smiley) Very useful!"
I wanna have one too! especially if it comes from you my dear ate tala!

Last Saturday....

was our best day for August

kids were officially varsity players

eating what they can eat

last minute instruction from tatay

support group

guided by their own heart

my ever reliable yumi

Tala, my serious goalie

attitude will make way

Family is the best feeling in this world!

simple blessings to share.

Event: Soccer Game Location: International School Manila Date: August 28, 2010 (Saturday)

GoOd MoRnInG...

everyone....let's have a blessed day.....


at work.....i need to relax...unwind....and be stress free....whenever I feel this way, I just look at the brighter least I have work.....and because of my work, I am able to buy things I need....give my kids what they needed..... overload....think other way......thank you Lord for giving me work!


will come and go....that's what I have learned today!
But surely, God will never leave us empty...He will replace everything we have lost...Just remember: If he asks you to put something down, It's because He wants you to pick up something greater!
Good day everyone...yes! I am blogging :-)

Hello World!

How i miss my blog site!.....I hope to be back here in soooooonnnnn......

I miss.....

my blogsite.......I miss blogging......I miss sharing my thoughts with you......

What's new.....? hmmmmm....I am hoping to update this site.....